V & A WAterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

From 3 to 6 December the Traditional Balloon Fest will be held at the V& A Waterfront in Cape Town. It is the 31st year to take place in 2020 like it's supposed to. Instead of gathering in the park, spectators can see the hot air balloons from all across the city as they fly over and remain in the air. In previous years, the pilots were racing or had a goal to accomplish. Balloon glows will stay take place as drive-through events with families remaining in their cars. There are four different locations, so cars can travel from location to location and see all of the balloons if they please. In addition to that, activities like vendor fairs and food trucks will be spread out across town and into neighboring areas such as Wamac and Central City. Organizers add that guidelines are in place like wearing a face mask and being mindful of social distancing.

At V & A WAterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

V & A WAterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

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